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The Tour de France is trending in the news this year, and this is because not many thought that Brit could win the race and strip the title from Lance Armstrong. You might ask what this is all about and why it has so many lessons to be learned. Lessons from the past Tour de France makes the whole experience fun, and at the same time, it makes the experience worth the lookout for. In the past Tour de France it has contributed the lessons that many people can use in the next races it’s the best. Do you know who won the 2012 tour de france? Below are three lessons from the past Tour de France.

The downhill attack


What people have been a costumed too is the conservative racing but this year was too different because Froome attacked in stage 8 and that’s is over the summit of Peyresourde. The lesson that people learned from the attack Froome did it’s that it’s not easy to close the gap when the racers are on the descent because everyone is at their full speed. Though if you are ready to take the risk you can try it, but it’s not possible at all. Athletes should know that when it comes to the descents, it’s a place that is for free speed.

The crosswinds

The sprinter stage in the Tour de France was supposed to be stage 11, but the crosswinds changed this. The crosswind is supposed to be the person diagonally with you but not the person that is in front of you. And when it came to this race the road was wide enough to fit only5-10 rides. And the rest were to be left behind. Over and over during the race the racers that were not caught in the echelons in stage 11 they rode like made people so that they could join the split. In the crosswind is where the racers will fight for the fast positions.

The running man


During stage 12 it was surprising to see Chris Froome running without a bicycle. When the accident happened, and the bicycle that he was using broke he ditched the bicycle and started running to the finish line. Though he did not make it to the finish line because he was handed the spare bicycle it was so impressive what he did. The reason learned from this is that once the bike was broken he did not let that stop him he lost his cool and sought other options.


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