Lessons From The Past Tour De France


The Tour de France is trending in the news this year, and this is because not many thought that Brit could win the race and strip the title from Lance Armstrong. You might ask what this is all about and why it has so many lessons to be learned. Lessons from the past Tour de France makes the whole experience fun, and at the same time, it makes the experience worth the lookout for. In the past Tour de France it has contributed the lessons that many people can use in the next races it’s the best. Do you know who won the 2012 tour de france? Below are three lessons from the past Tour de France.

The downhill attack


What people have been a costumed too is the conservative racing but this year was too different because Froome attacked in stage 8 and that’s is over the summit of Peyresourde. The lesson that people learned from the attack Froome did it’s that it’s not easy to close the gap when the racers are on the descent because everyone is at their full speed. Though if you are ready to take the risk you can try it, but it’s not possible at all. Athletes should know that when it comes to the descents, it’s a place that is for free speed.

The crosswinds

The sprinter stage in the Tour de France was supposed to be stage 11, but the crosswinds changed this. The crosswind is supposed to be the person diagonally with you but not the person that is in front of you. And when it came to this race the road was wide enough to fit only5-10 rides. And the rest were to be left behind. Over and over during the race the racers that were not caught in the echelons in stage 11 they rode like made people so that they could join the split. In the crosswind is where the racers will fight for the fast positions.

The running man


During stage 12 it was surprising to see Chris Froome running without a bicycle. When the accident happened, and the bicycle that he was using broke he ditched the bicycle and started running to the finish line. Though he did not make it to the finish line because he was handed the spare bicycle it was so impressive what he did. The reason learned from this is that once the bike was broken he did not let that stop him he lost his cool and sought other options.…

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How To Enjoy Your Weekend As A Sports Fan


The weekend is just around the corner, and you cannot wait to release all the job stress and tension. If you love sports, then you can rest assured that you have something to keep you entertained all through. Unknown to many, there are numerous sports apart from the commonly known ones. Have you ever heard of curling? For those who do not know much about this fun sport, visit the madison curling events this weekend to enjoy. You will be surprised to get the stadium full to the brim. Below is the best way to enjoy your weekend as a sports fan.

How to enjoy your weekend as a sports fan

Decide on the sports you want

dfgdgdgdgdfgfdgIf you have sports you have passion in, then deciding is easier. For those who enjoy entertainment from various sports, then you will need to make a decision now. Some of the popular options you can have are curling, football and any other that makes you happy. Additionally, you ought to decide whether you will participate or enjoy watching.

Confirm the date and time from their website

The Internet has brought the convenience of getting the information easily from home. People no longer have to call customer care in various help centers or walk to the public noticeboards in town for information. The web has it all. Therefore, visiting the club’s website will give you an opportunity to see all the schedules they have, the timing and all the teams that are facing each other. This way you can decide on which program to fit in.

Buying the tickets early

Do not wait until the last minute to run Helter Skelter looking for tickets and any other requirements. If you are attending with the family or a team of friends, then buy all the tickets early in advance. Most sports advocate for early purchase of tickets through various discounts or any other offer. Again the Internet will come to your help as most sports clubs sell their tickets online. If not, visit the selling centers and buy the tickets early.

Prepare to have fun

gfhfghfghgfgfgfhhAfter putting in place all the requirements to attend a sports activity over the weekend, now it’s time to relax and wait for it. Early preparations allow one enough time to take care of any extra requirements or make changes where possible.

With all these in place, then you can rest assured that your weekend will be full of fun both for you and your family or the group of friends.…

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The Curling Manual – What You Need To Know About This Game

Curling is a fantastic sport that has almost everything you need to enjoy yourself during cold winters. The good thing about curling strategy game is that it is easy to learn and master. Becoming a curler does take years of practice. You become one right from the time you throw your first stone. The easy to play nature of this game makes it fun for players of all levels. Moreover, do not need to be strong or huge, you only need to be smart.

Why curling?

Curling as a sport can also be considered a social event. It AQsZDfvcreates a perfect platform for meeting new friends and developing a relationship based on your interactions. The huge following of this sport heightens the social aspect of this game further. You never know who you will meet in the next game considering that there are many bonspiels organized when the season comes. If you are troubled by your age or gender, you can never be left out as there are leagues for everyone.

Strategy principles

Curling is also described as chess on ice. This is attributed to the fact that you are you need to be very strategic in how you play. You need to have a plan before and during the game. The strategic part of this game comes to light when you are deciding the shots to call and when to call them. The strategy covers the overall approach used (game strategy) and the shot-by-short tactics (calling the shots) to back up the overall game plan.

The game strategy

The game strategy refers to the general course of action taken by a team. In most instances, this strategy is developed before the game starts. It is an informed decision based on things like your team’s skill levels and the type of opponent at hand. In some instances, the type of completion can also influence the strategy used. There is no textbook approach used. It is the responsibility of the team to come up with a strategy before the game starts.

Calling the game

sdfsdsdvfssdfr Calling the shots is not a gaming strategy but plays a vital role in ensuring you win the game. When calling a shot, you need to know things like, who will have the last rock, how is the ice? What is the score? How good are both teams? Among other considerations. Again, the decision made here is guided by experience and not textbook guidelines.

In this spot, the idea or part of the strategy is to make the opponent think or put them under pressure. Like in any other sport, you also need to take advantage of their weak points and ensure they do not play to their strengths.…

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How to make your parties the best

Deep inside, there is a part of us that likes partying, and when we get to the party, we all want to attend a party that is well organized, and fun to take part. Everyone has their idea of a fun party, but if you are the one hosting the party, you have to ensure that everyone enjoys it.

There are so many things that could go wrong in a party, but with proper preparation, any party can be the best. Parties are all about entertainment and within the chaos that usually follows, there is always an underlying order that ensures everyone stays safe and happy, just like the chaos theory. In this article, we will take a look at some of the things you can do to make sure that your party is the best.

Make your party the best

Get an MC

The secret to every successful party is an MC that knows how to capture the intslkdnvsaklnvksandvlknsalkdnvlksadlkvnlsakndvsadvsdaerest of people. You have to make sure that everyone in attendance is following the laid out program, and to make all this successful; you need a conductor with an authoritative command, yet fun and considerate to all the people in the party. This is why you should hire an MC that is lively and knows to calm the crowd. From time to time, the MC can crack jokes, update people on what is going on, etc. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and aware of what to do.

Get a professional Dj

By now you should know that music is the primary entertainment in any party, and you need a decent DJ to ensure that your party delivers. A good DJ will make the work of an MC easier, especially if they know the kind of music of playing. Get a DJ that is very professional, in that they understand the crowd and most importantly the occasion. For instance, you want a DJ that plays appropriate music on a wedding party or a birthday party.

Have a dance floor

Well, it’s not a party until people dance, and for your party to be fantastic, you need a dance floor to accommodate everyone. With so many dance moves, you will certainly need to have a place where people can be discrete and still be able to enjoy themselves. Make sure you throw in some disco lights.

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Top online entertainment tips


Entertainment is a very necessary endeavor that helps keep us focused and leading a happy life. Right from our inception, we have always had entertainment in our cultures. From traditional arts and singing to modern cinematic motion pictures, it is evident that entertainment will always be a part of us. In the contemporary entertainment sector, there is a lot to choose from, and when there is more variety, there is always a problem with selecting what is best. Moreover, with the introduction of online entertainment, there is a lot of media for all of us to consume. Here are some tips to help you adequately consume the available online entertainment.

Enjoying online entertainment

Free music streaming siteslaFaclkasnlsndvlkasdnvlknasdvasd

Music is universally accepted as the primary entertainment. Evidently, we consume music more than anything else. For instance, when cleaning the house, or reading a book, it is customary for most people to have some music playingin the background. This is very important because it allows us to relax and break any monotony. Various researchers have shown that listen to music is crucial to our health as it helps relieve stress among other health benefits.

Therefore, the availability of free music online is a very intuitive way of getting quality entertainment. For instance, if you are connected to an unlimited internet plan, you can stream live local and international internet radio channels, or even play comprehensive music playlists over the web on sites like YouTube.

Free movie sites

Movie piracy has been a problem to quality entertainment, making it very hard for studios to get enough returns so that they can continue making quality media. However, as we all know, where there is a will, there is a way, and most studios are embracing the idea of using creative marketing ways that allow them to offer their content for free to the general public.

Therefore, instead of partaking in entertainment piracy, you will be glad to know that you can now consume free movies legally, a crucial aspect of everyday entertainment. With sites such as Crackle, you can be sure to enjoy high-quality movies for free. Subscription based sites such as Netflix are also on the rise, granting you access to unlimited media at an affordable price.

Online gaming

Everyone knows that online lksnadlkvnlksandvlnaslkdnvsadvasdvgaming is the ultimate online entertainment. If you have already bought a few games, check if they have an option to play online. It is a good way to challenge your mind, relax a bit, and even talk to other people.…

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